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Posted By admin on 09/25/14


Boy was I ever thrown for a loop last night. The girl my wife and I found to watch our kids always seemed pretty flirtatious, but I always just chalked it up to a teenager being curious about older men. You know how they always are in a rush to grow up. As she was leaving our house the other day she handed me a handful business cards. I was a little weirded out by it just because it seemed odd for a babysitter to have business cards.

After she left I flipped it over and my jaw hit the floor. On the face of the card she was wearing a black bustier, fishnet nylons and really small black panties. She looked like a slut! A very, very hot, young slut!

I wondered about it while in bed. When my wife went to sleep I crept out of bed and into the computer room. I looked up the web address on the card and found tons of free cam girl offers on WebCamsDot.com.

After looking around I found my babysitter and there she was chatting like in that sexy outfit. After looking around to make sure the coast was clear I hit her up for a chat. I figured it would be safe because I had a guest account so she wouldn’t know who I was. But she figured it out by my answers. She offered me a free show. I tried to resist, but she started taking off her lingerie showing me her perky teen tits and her pink slit. My cock was ROCK hard!

Needless to say I had sex with her that night. But it didn’t feel wrong or dirty because we didn’t actually touch each other. It just felt awesome!

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