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Posted By admin on 03/12/14

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While reading my favorite magazine in all of the world, Wired Magazine, I came across an article written by a guy that was a graduate student at one of those really smart numbers and mathematics colleges. He was trying to use algorithms to find the girl of his dreams. Just like the sites say he would he got hooked up and went on a lot of dates. The problem was the girls just didn’t match up well with his mathematics background. So he came to realize what common sense should have told him right from the get go. Sometimes it is better to go out on your own instead of expecting some computer to figure everything out for you.

What ended up happening is another female computer science major at the same college found him and it was love ever after.

But that isn’t the main scope of my own article. During his quest for love he put out questionnaires for girls of all ages to answer. What he found out was that 1/2 of all women are either bisexual or want to try it. A lot of the women going to these sites are not looking for hard cock. They want some tight young pussy to lick!

sexy Milfs dating is just as much about bisexuality as it is hetero-sexuality. Now if you could just get both a young girl and a bisexual momma to fuck you at the same time. Too bad he didn’t ask the ladies about threesomes!

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