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I bet we’ve all wanted to seduce the sitter before, why do they always have to be so fucking hot? It’s like they’re teasing us, knowing how much we would love to fuck them. The last time we had a sitter at our house she was off the hook, she turned up in pigtails and I wanted to just flop it out and get that little bitch to suck me on the spot. Lucky I could control myself though, I doubt my wife would have let me do it.

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Fucking the babysitter

You might think I am some kind of creep for what I am about to tell you, but I can assure you it was not of my doing. Last night my wife and I used a new babysitter for our kids so we could go do some wine tasting. My wife got pretty sauced while we were out and began asking me about the girl the agency we had used sent to watch the kids.

She was a little hottie for sure. They used girls from the local community college who were trying to make enough money to afford transferring to a full university after their general education classes were completed.

My wife suggested we tip her big to help her out. I didn’t think much of it right then, but on the ride home my wife began playing with my cock in the car. I got a hardon and she stopped. She told me she wanted to make the babysitter work for her tip. My mind began to swim. Was my wife suggesting we fuck the babysitter?

Not only did we fuck her, my wife set up a video camera to record it all. It seems the closer she gets to menopause the crazier her head gets about sex!

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ass rape phone sex

My obsession with teen phone sex and rape fantasies began when my kids babysitter called me one fateful day. Normally my wife would set everything up with the babysitter, but on this day my wife was out of town. I wasn’t sure, but it seemed like she was flirting with me over the phone. Soon we were talking about the color of her panties (red), whether she liked anal (she loved it) and whether or not she enjoyed giving head (it was her favorite way to please a man, after anal).

You can probably guess my cock was harder than a rock for this girl. I was supposed to go to a softball tournament for work and would be home after the kids were in bed. Hopefully this bitch would want to act out all of the things she was talking about over the phone!

My kids have all since grown up and left the coop, but I still call my favorite phone sex friend to chat about ass rape porn. While talking to her I can hear her playing anal rape videos in the background. It always gets me harder than a rock to hear the girls screaming and squealing.

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three ways to enjoy a bitch

When Tiffany got the call from her neighbor to babysit the kids while the guys played poker and the ladies went out for a night of fun she thought it would be great to earn some extra cash. She showed up at the house ready to watch the kids and saw the women off on their night of fun. The guys were already downstairs in the basement playing poker. When the kids fell asleep she found herself getting bored so she ventured downstairs.

The guys were happy to chat with Tiffany about school and her lack of being able to keep a boyfriend for any length of time. They showered the babysitter with compliments about her looks and one of them suggested she work the room for tips.

Tiffany brought them all beers and did so in a flirty way. Soon the guys were grabbing her firm little ass and pulling her into their laps. She began to notice they all seemed to have hard cocks. She wondered if they were all fantasizing about her as much as she was about them.

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mom shows tiny tits daughter how to suck a man off

One of the most important things a mom can show her daughter is how to properly suck a man off. By doing so she will set her daughter up to be more successful in getting tips from her babysitter gigs. This busty mom is showing her tiny tits daughter how to move around a cock without hitting it with her teeth. Her daughter turns out to be a natural at sucking big cock.

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Boy was I ever thrown for a loop last night. The girl my wife and I found to watch our kids always seemed pretty flirtatious, but I always just chalked it up to a teenager being curious about older men. You know how they always are in a rush to grow up. As she was leaving our house the other day she handed me a handful business cards. I was a little weirded out by it just because it seemed odd for a babysitter to have business cards.

After she left I flipped it over and my jaw hit the floor. On the face of the card she was wearing a black bustier, fishnet nylons and really small black panties. She looked like a slut! A very, very hot, young slut!

I wondered about it while in bed. When my wife went to sleep I crept out of bed and into the computer room. I looked up the web address on the card and found tons of free cam girl offers on WebCamsDot.com.

After looking around I found my babysitter and there she was chatting like in that sexy outfit. After looking around to make sure the coast was clear I hit her up for a chat. I figured it would be safe because I had a guest account so she wouldn’t know who I was. But she figured it out by my answers. She offered me a free show. I tried to resist, but she started taking off her lingerie showing me her perky teen tits and her pink slit. My cock was ROCK hard!

Needless to say I had sex with her that night. But it didn’t feel wrong or dirty because we didn’t actually touch each other. It just felt awesome!

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Imagine going online to UpForIt.com and creating a profile only to find your kid’s babysitter on the site dressed like this. Would you be able to fight the urge to send her a flirt even if she put into her profile that she likes fucking older men? Let’s be honest, shall we? You would jump out of your own skin at the chance of tapping this girls tight teen pussy. You would nibble and nuzzle her fat boobies. You might even lead her around the house on all fours by a chain attached to her choker. All in the name of unbridled lust!

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There are no guarantees you will find your kid’s babysitter, but there is a strong likelihood you will find somebody else’s babysitter and fuck her this weekend!

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There are many hot bitches in this world and some of them have brothers, like this sexy babes, who misses her big bro so much that she sends him hot videos of her booty while he is away for college. They started their sex live together and they fucked each other ever since. There is nothing hotter than sex between siblings, because it such a taboo and that makes it so much naughtier. This bitch has the perfect ass and whoever of us would be her brother, would tap that every night.

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The European slut in this video loves to finger her little pussy in the room of her son who is off for school. More than that, she films herself whenever she is doing it, so that she can send the video to her horny online friends and make them call her for wild sex whenever they are in town. She has so much fun with strangers and her pussy squirts every time she is on top. When she has enough squirting, she asks to be fucked in that pink and tight ass of hers.

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If you are a fan of bitches who know how to talk dirty, you will love this blonde slut who is giving some really hot jerk off instructions. The babe in this video is ready to make you cum so hard that you will want to stick your cock through your computer’s screen and cum all over her face. She is a sexy slut who loves to play the role of a sister, so imagine she is your sister and she wants you to cum in her mouth before your parents come home.

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Believe it or not there are plenty of horny sluts out there in the UK looking to have their first threesome. Chicks secretly dream about having two cocks at once all of the time. Read any woman’s magazine with polls on the subject and you will see they not only want two hard cocks, they also like it rough!

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seducing the milf sitter

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If you are wondering how to blackmail babysitters into having sex I have some free sex videos you might want to check out. The babysitter sex videos come from a site called Any Tube. It goes out and gets videos from other tube sites and puts them all in one place. That way you don’t have to join other tubes or porn sites to get the best high definition porn.

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